Communications activity support to encourage audiences to engage with the charity

We are a tiny NHS charity serving two hospitals in west London with a total 4,000 staff.     We are only 4 people including 1 part-timer and 1 volunteer.

Our Need

We do not get a lot of support from our Trust's Comms Team so reaching out for help:

  • We want to start a monthly e-newsletter.
  • Audience (in no order) staff, members of the public on our social media feeds, local corporate businesses with whom we already have a relationship with
  • Purpose: to create opportunities for the audiences to engage with the charity particularly toward getting involved in fundraising initiatives, to raise the charity profile among staff and encourage them to seek us out when they need help to fund things they need that NHS cannot fund, to engage corporates who may be interested in following our journey toward having a new hospital built as promised by Boris Johnson.

We have no CRM or database but we have followers on social media plus comms network partners among local business and government.

We have no templates for creating an e-newsletter and our Comms team have been of little help in advising us on this.

Engagement would have to be via social media linking to a page on our website that will host the newsletters.

We have the ability between us to write content but need advice on how to make this as creative and engaging as possible.  We need advice on what best software to use and anything else that will help us.

The great thing is we will have months and months of story telling around the new build and there is always plenty going on between both hospitals.

Can you help us with this?